Frozen food can be moved locally, however we would not take responsibility for any spoiling of the food and suggest that a customer would either dispose of the items or move them over on their own in order to get them over as quickly as possible. Moving trucks are not tempered properly for moving frozen foods.

Delivery times can vary depending on your first available date of delivery and when our next truck is leaving. Some delivery locations can be next day while others might have a 14-day or a 21-day guarantee. Delivery guarantees are from the first available date of delivery, not from the date of pickup and do not apply to jobs coming out of storage. You can also pay for guaranteed delivery date if you choose.

Yes please visit our resource center for a detailed list. We are unable to move your pet but can recommend a service if needed.

No, we can disassemble most items as long as special tools are not necessary (beds, tables, desks). We will not reassemble baby/children’s furniture for liability reasons. We do not disassemble/reassemble outdoor furniture/play structures unless special arrangements have been made.

No, our movers are not trained to deal with appliances. Please have everything disconnected, drained, defrosted and dry prior to our arrival.

We take all forms of payment except paypal at this time. Local moves can be paid for with cash, cashier’s check and or money order, no personal checks. Interstate moves cannot accept a personal check or credit card at delivery. Certain restrictions apply, please ask your sales person for more information.

An item of high value, which would be any item having a value of more than $100 per pound is known as an “article of extraordinary value”. Every “article of extra ordinary value” in your shipment must listed and given to the foreman prior to your items being loaded. If you do not list any items the maximum coverage would be $100 per pound / per item.

Customers are protected yes, but the amount of coverage is determined by the valuation option a customer has chosen. All customers are offered a basic limited liability option at no cost. This coverage is $0.60 per pound per article. This is the standard coverage that must be offered at no cost to the customer by any licensed moving company. Additional coverage can be purchased at an additional cost.

All furniture pieces remain protected in padded moving blankets while in the possession of SeaPort Moving & Storage. Our trucks are inspected and kept clean on a daily basis.

For local moves, which are charged by the hour, anything you do to help will usually cut down on the total time of the move. For long distance moves, which have a flat price, the best way to save money is to pack efficiently beforehand. In general, it is best to be will prepared and organised for the move (packing, labeling, etc.), and then let the crew do their job efficiently on move day.

SeaPort is a moving company and not a hoisting specialist. For difficult hoisting jobs (piano, etc.) you should arrange for a specialist to do the job at a time when it does not interfere with the rest of the move. We work with hoisting specialists regularly and will be glad to refer you to one if you need it.

For insurance reasons we cannot transport you to your new location. We ask that you arrange for your own transportation beforehand.

We are forbidden by law to transport plants across state lines. We can move plants locally; however we cannot guarantee their safety. In general, we recommend that you transport plants in your car if possible.

The earlier, the better. Generally it is better for someone to arrange their move with enough notice to ensure there is enough space, trucks and/or movers available to do your move. At the same time you should not feel pressured into making a decision before you feel comfortable. The more critical the dates are for you in terms of needing specific date(s), the more advanced notice you would want to give. You should make your SeaPort Moving & Storage representative aware of any specific date requirements you may have in terms of your move.

Yes you can do your own packing. If you choose to do your own packing we suggest you individually wrap your items in order to protect them better. You would want to provide plenty of cushioning and pack your boxes firmly. Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of the box. Make sure the box you use are in good condition and are not torn or have any water damage. Place dishes on edge and glassware on the rims for maximum protection. Mark the boxes “fragile” and list the contents on the side of the boxes. Make sure the boxes are sealed up well with proper tape.

We provide full and partial packing services. Our movers are trained to not only move, but also professionally pack all items from dishes and glassware to books and clothing. Depending on your circumstances, the packing would either be done the same day as your move or the day before. If you choose to pack, we can deliver boxes to you before the move day, there is no charge for the box delivery in the Portland/Vancouver area.

Yes, we charge for any moving materials that you request or that are used by the crew (boxes, packing paper, tape, etc.)

In general, we recommend that you unload items from all bureaus, desks, dressers, etc… Doing so will make the movers job easier and also prevent damage. For small, light (single) dressers, leaving light clothes in the drawers should be fine (use your best judgment). The movers may still ask you to remove any items they feel could cause damages.

SeaPort Moving & Storage does offer storage for your items, both short and long term. For long distance moves there may be a handling charge for unloading your items off the truck into storage and then back out of storage onto a truck if you are not ready for immediate delivery.

There is no separate charge for our standard truck. If a different size truck is required additional services could apply.

Our crews come fully prepared for any circumstances that might develop. If you need boxes or other materials, we will have them available at the job site.

A binding estimate is a fixed price, guaranteed not to change unless additional services are provided that were not originally listed on your estimate or you alter your list of items.
A non-binding estimate means that the final price will be determined by the actual weight of your shipment. A not-to-exceed estimate means that you will not be charged for more than 10% of the estimated weight or any less than 90% of the estimated weight.
Estimates might not cover addition services at delivery such as stairs/elevator, long carry and/or shuttle. If additional services are required at the delivery, additional charges will be added. Estimates are valid for up to 30 days unless otherwise stated.
Charges are based upon the weight and mileage in accordance with our tariff. The truck is weighed at a certified scale before and after loading your items.

It is always the best option to have an in-home estimate if possible. An visual estimate will help to determine the most accurate cost of your move, and the amount of space needed for your household goods.
All regulated moves within the state of Washington have a 25% cap on total charges determined by our visual estimator. Long distance moves may be written up as “binding”, “non-binding” or “not to exceed”, depending on the individual circumstances.

All regulated moves within the state of Oregon do not have a cap, final charges are based upon exact time and services provided determined by the ODOT.

The tariff is a list of rules, regulations, available services and resulting charges used by all motor carriers, which provide interstate transportation of household goods. The tariffs are published by each household goods motor carrier and include its various services. The tariffs are available for your inspection upon request inside the office.

SeaPort Moving & Storage is located in Vancouver, WA. We provide local moves within the greater Portland and Vancouver area. We also provide long distance moving services across the country.