Long Distance

Here at SeaPort Moving & Storage, we are very much aware that moving from state to state, or any long distance, can cause stress and worry. It is our goal to help you have the smoothest experience with our long distance movers that you possibly can. We offer partial and full services to suit your needs. Our relocation consultants are certified to help determine the best options for your move. 

What is an Interstate Move?

An Interstate move is a move that crosses state lines. SeaPort charges their long distance, interstate moves by weight. In the Portland/Vancouver area it can get a little confusing because relocation from Portland to Vancouver crosses the state line. Technically this would be an interstate move but it’s not considered a long distance move. This is an example of an “unregulated” move. Your relocation consultant can help you understand if your interstate move will be charged by the hour or by weight.
Getting Your Quote From Our Moving Company

You can get a free moving quote by simply clicking the “Get A Quote” link to the right or by phoning us toll-free at 1-877-993-5114. We will be happy to generate an estimate for you based on your individual situation. Pricing for our long distance moves is determined by many factors. Some of the main factors to determine pricing include the weight of your items, mileage, services requested, time of year and delivery time frame. There are many services like packing, unpacking, and crating that can also affect the cost of your pricing. There is no way for us to list every factor to determining pricing because every person’s items and needs are different. This is why we make sure there are certified experts there for every step of your move. With the right information, our relocation consultants can provide pricing right over the phone however, we do recommend every move have a free on-site estimate for a guaranteed prices in writing.


Full Service or Partial Service Long Distance Movers

If you wish to do all of your own packing and unpacking you may be best served by our partial service moves. We will expertly and carefully transport your already packed items to their new long distance destination in a partial service move. In a full service move, we will come to your home or business and do the packing for you, carefully transport your items to your destination, and then unpack your items and get your new home or office ready for use. Partial service moves are less expensive but full service moves offer the chance to truly remove any and all stresses that you may have about packing and moving: In full service, all the work is done for you.

Get Your Free SeaPort Moving Company Estimate

When you get your free long distance moving estimate, you can select a binding, non-binding or a not-to-exceed estimate in writing. We stand behind our word and are proud to be your choice in long distance movers.