01 Sep


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Simple International Moves

Don’t trust your precious cargo to just any company, international or overseas moves need to be handled by experienced movers! Did you know that not every company is capable or qualified for international moves? Most international moves cannot be completed without the assistance of an experienced moving company. Most shipping companies will only deal with moving companies directly leaving DIY international moves almost impossible. Importing and exporting household goods can require extensive paperwork filing with customs. Improper filing can cause cargo holds, penalties, and even fines on your shipment. Do you know the difference between an ISF and AES filing? Will your shipment be charged duties, taxes or subjected to exams? Do you have a tax ID number or know how to obtain one? How long will you have to be without your items? Could your items be quarantined? Are there any restrictions to what you can and cannot take with you? If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions you need SeaPort’s international moving experts! Contact us today at 1-877-993-5114