SeaPort Moving & Storage Understands Northwest Standards

Your Top Choice In Seaport Moving & Storage

At SeaPort Moving & Storage, we are proud to serve the entire state of Oregon, providing moving & storage services of all types. Whether you are looking to move a bedroom or a whole office building, we are here to help. We are available around the clock, so please don't hesitate to call upon us for all your moving needs!

Safe Transport

One of the top concerns of anyone who is undertaking a move is the safe transport of their possessions. At SeaPort Moving & Storage, we respect the fact that you have worked hard for what you have, so we will treat your possessions with special care. Our movers are highly trained and can lift, pack, and move all of your possessions quickly and efficiently. We take special care with your delicate and highly valuable items,encasing them in special padded blankets (an additional service which is free of charge with the purchase of your moving package!)

We Keep Our Promises

At SeaPort Moving & Storage, we know that your time is valuable and that keeping to a schedule is important. You will never have to worry about us keeping our appointments: We have built our reputation as a leading Oregon moving & storage company by keeping our promises and making moves for our clients dependably and on time!

No-Hassle Moving & Storage Quotes

We offer our clients something that we are complimented and thanked for time and again: No hassle moving & storage quotes. We know that you are looking for quality moving at a reasonable cost -- and that is precisely what we are here to provide. Call us to ask about moving & storage quotes and we will get some very basic information about what you need moved so that we can give you a quote, and then we will give you the information you need. We will never try to force you to buy something or use high-pressure sales pitches on you: At SeaPort Moving & Storage, our service and our track record of happy customers speaks for itself!


Local Moving

At SeaPort Moving & Storage we understand that moving locally can be a thrilling yet stressful experience. From start to finish our team will be there to answer all your questions. We want you to know up front how local moving charges are determined.


Long Distance Moving

Moving out of the state does not have to be stressful. Nobody likes to be without their belongings. Trust in SeaPort Moving & Storage to get you there safe and sound. How do you choose a moving company for a long distance move?